Best Business Travel Backpack for Techies

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For techies who dread trusting their sophisticated toys to a sub-par backpack, the Kopack Business Backpack with ScanSmart for 17″ Laptops is a dream come true. It’s our top pick for the best business travel backpack for techies. And, it’s a really good budget bag to boot. The first thing we noticed when we took it out of the package is the thick and substantial feel – like a piece of high-quality luggage. It’s 30-liter capacity allows for a convenient one-bag solution as well – especially for short business trips. The high-density nylon material is water-resistant and quite durable.

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The Best Business Travel Backpack for Techies

best business travel backpack for techies

Quick specs

Dimensions: 19.7″ x 13″ x 7.8″  •  Weight: 2.5 lbs  •  Volume: ~30L

Laptop compartment: 16.9″ x 11.4″ x 1″ •  Warranty: 6 months

Specs and Features of the Kopack Business Backpack

This pack has a wide front flap and fold-flat main compartment with easy access to your electronics. The interior is well appointed with a combination of 18 functional pockets and storage areas, making organization a snap. And if that isn’t enough, it also has two water bottle pockets, one on either side. These pockets won’t hold really large containers, but that’s okay. You can take two!

Every element of the bag is well padded, including the laptop compartment. The comfy straps feel great on the shoulders, even when worn all day. They’ve also included a back airflow panel to dissipate heat and provide optimal ventilation. This bag won’t leave you feeling clammy after a long day of travel.

This is truly one of the best business travel backpacks on the market for the money. And, it has seemingly limitless storage capacity. As an added bonus, it’s also relatively weather resistant; this bag should keep all of your techie stuff nice and dry in mildly damp conditions.

Laptop Storage

No contender for the best business travel backpack for techies would be complete without great laptop storage. This compartment is a generous 16.9″ x 11.4″ x 1″ (confirmed with the manufacturer) and will comfortably fit a 17-inch device. There is another sleeve as well for a tablet. Both secure with a Velcro strap. Best of all, they’ve incorporated thick padding on the exterior and bottom of the compartment with additional padding between the laptop and tablet sleeves.

Anti-Theft Features

They tout this bag as slash-proof, and I can vouch for this. While cutting a tag, my pocket knife slipped and jabbed the side of the bag pretty hard. I am happy to report no damage (to me or the bag). The zippers on the main compartment are a dual-layer “anti-stab” configuration as well, which Kopack says makes them resistant to knife stabs. This translates to better security for you.

The laptop pocket resides in a safer location between you and the rest of the pack, making it more difficult to steal. Both outer access areas can be secured with a TSA approved lock. It also has a hidden zipper pocket in the lumbar area for your most valuable items (passport, credit cards, cash, etc.). It does not have RFID (radio-frequency identification) scanning protection; but you can always buy inexpensive RFID blocking sleeves for your passport, credit cards or other ID.

TSA Friendly

This pack has many great features, but the fold-flat design is a lifesaver at airports. You simply unzip the larger pocket and lay the whole pack flat on the conveyor belt at security. TSA agents can see all of your electronics and likely won’t ask you to remove them.

The Cons

Some people think the water bottle compartments aren’t big enough, but I found them to be perfect for my needs. I just take two smaller bottles. Someone also mention stitching issues in the straps. However, I haven’t seen that myself. 

Bottom Line

As our top pick for the best business travel backpack for techies, the Kopack is a champ. This is a nice unisex bag with great design that should appeal to just about everyone. It has loads of compartments for organization and will securely hold your most precious electronic gear. This is a lot of bag for the money and definitely worth a look for savvy, tech-inclined business travelers.

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