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Bikepacking Packing List

Bikepacking Packing List

Bikepacking, also known as “mixed terrain cycle touring” or “rough riding” in North America, involves biking over different terrain with a specialized bike that can handle dirt, gravel, rocks, and pavement. Bikepacking is different...

Recycle Outdoor Gear

Recycle Outdoor Gear – Recycling Old Equipment

Do you have old hiking, camping, climbing or adventure equipment that is beyond repair? Are you opposed to just dumping it in a landfill? We have good news! There are several options to recycle...

Outdoor Gear Repair

Outdoor Gear Repair – Get it Fixed

Sometimes our equipment falls into disrepair. Either through heavy use, neglect or just normal wear, our prized adventure gear may need attention. Fear not! We’ll share a variety of options for outdoor gear repair....

Donate Outdoor Gear

Donate Outdoor Gear – Clear Up Space

Why keep old adventure equipment around the house gathering dust and taking up space? Make a difference, donate outdoor gear to a good cause.

What to do in Bogota Columbia

What to Do in Bogota, Colombia

Our contributing writer Alex shares what to do in Bogota, Colombia. As the country becomes safer, more activities are available for travelers!


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